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CFIC is your voice in Raleigh and Columbia. CFIC aggressively promotes and protects the legislative and regulatory interests of the retail food industry on issues such as alcohol, food safety, labor, loss prevention, SNAP, taxes, tobacco, tort reform, transportation, WIC, and workers’ compensation, just to name a few. CFIC’s government relations teams work with legislators and their staff, other advocacy groups and state regulators to find practical solutions for issues affecting the grocery industry.

CFIC organizes grassroots lobbying and works to ensure passage of positive legislation and the defeat of laws that impede retail store operations. Not only that, CFIC strives to keep members informed in a way that is understandable, timely and useful.   

North Carolina

The North Carolina House and Senate convene for the 2017 Long Session on January 25, 2017.  North Carolina has no statutory session limits but the General Assembly always sets a goal of adjourning around the beginning of North Carolina’s Fiscal Year on July 1. Upon adjournment, House and Senate members will return to their districts for the interim before covening for the short session in Spring 2018.

South Carolina

The South Carolina House and Senate convene for the 2017 Session on January 10, 2017.  South Carolina’s statehouse adjourns “Sine Die” on May 18. House and Senate members will then return to their districts for the interim and then return to Columbia for the second of the two-year session in January 2018.

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