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“CFIC and its staff are professional, knowledgeable and personable. They are our go-to source when we are facing a retail issue. They are problem solvers — you go to them with a problem and they find a solution — it’s that simple. I don’t know where we would be in the Carolinas without them.”

“Small retailers rarely get one-on-one time with someone so knowledgeable on our state regulatory issues. Most small retailers don’t have an in-house lawyer, accounting department or a regulatory department. CFIC ensures we are in compliance with old laws and new laws that impact my business. It makes me a more confident business owner knowing that they are a phone call away.”

“With their frequent and timely communications, I never feel that I am in the dark on issues that impact my business. It was a real feather in their cap when they successfully worked with the regulatory agencies in both North and South Carolina to adjust the distribution dates for SNAP.”

“During Hurricane Matthew, CFIC had been emailing not just me but all members for status updates. It was really moving to see what CFIC did. We were in a tough spot. We need our power back on, not just for us to get back into business but for our community, they needed it as well too. The way CFIC helped was just amazing. It was someone I could reach out to.”

“The Carolinas Food Industry Council is a great organization in that they work for the benefit not only for the retailers, but for consumers as well in helping to establish policies that help control costs. The benefits that come from being a member of CFIC are really good in that it establishes a common ground for both supplier and retailer to meet together to discuss how we can better serve the industry. Also,  a fine time is enjoyed at the CFIC Convention and the annual golf outing that builds relationships that help us work together.”

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