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Email Receipts Getting Traction At Major Retailers

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USA Today writes that “as smartphones proliferate, more stores and banks are offering to e-mail shoppers their receipts rather than giving them a printed copy. These electronic or digital receipts, touted as green for saving paper and convenient for saving time, enable retailers to market directly to customers.

This year, Macy’s began offering paperless receipts at its stores nationwide and, beginning in August, Wells Fargo extended this option – begun at its ATMs in 2010 – to transactions inside bank branches. Citibank announced in September that it would also offer electronic receipts at its ATMs. Other companies with an e-receipt option include Nordstrom, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Kmart, Sears and Gap.” The story goes on to say that “a third, or 35%, of retailers offer digital receipts, and half of them do so at all their stores, according to a survey of 3,900 retailers released earlier this year by marketing firm Epsilon.” 

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