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CFIC keeps members informed of laws and regulations so that they can avoid costly mistakes. CFIC works with the following agencies to advocate for YOU:

  • The North and South Carolina Departments of Agriculture on issues related to food safety;
  • The Departments of Revenue on tax-related issues;
  • The SC Department of Social Services and the NC Department of Health and Human Services on issues related to WIC and SNAP;
  • The North and South Carolina Education Lotteries;
  • The North Carolina ABC Commission and South Carolina Department of Revenue on alcohol-permitting issues; and
  • The North and South Carolina Emergency Management Divisions to assist our members during times of disaster.

WIC Vendors

WIC generates many questions from CFIC grocer members because of minimum inventory requirements and the strict list of allowable products. To answer questions, both state agencies partner with CFIC to host regular meetings and calls for retailers. For additional information or if you need help with a WIC issue, contact Lindsey Kueffner at (919) 832-0811.

Many questions can be answered on the NC WIC Vendor website or the SC WIC Vendor website.

Food Safety

CFIC staff stays on top of food safety regulations in both states. Both states require a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) in each store. To become a CFPM, visit CFIC’s education portal here and click “Catalog” for the Guide to Food Safety Online, designed to teach the base knowledge required for a certified food safety manager. This course helps prepare managers for the national certification exam. You can pair the online course with the food safety manager examination for a complete program to certify food safety managers.

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