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What is Recipe Shopping and Why Does It Explode Online Sales?

screenshot of recipe shopping software
Recipe shopping tech can explode online grocery sales.

Article provided by CFIC Member, Grocery Shopii

Over 80% of online grocery orders get started but don’t make it to checkout for days or weeks, and sometimes never. These shoppers are in search of a need that isn’t fulfilled for some reason. So what happens when we fill that need? The answer: They checkout more often, purchase more products, and return again and again! Why? You’ve offered them a benefit they don’t experience anywhere else.

Recipe shopping creates this success by feeding fresh recipe content to consumers in the moment when they are shopping for groceries online. Recipe ingredients can be added to the cart in a click, combining the process of meal planning and online grocery shopping while eliminating friction for the consumer, saving your shoppers a ton of time.

Households with children understand this problem deeply. Parents don’t just need groceries, they need dinners. According to Facebook, 87% of shoppers are searching recipes all over the internet prior to shopping online, yet the process of locating recipes, jotting down ingredients, and querying every item to add to cart is a time-consuming drag.

Recipe shopping increases a shopper’s likelihood to checkout by 500%, exploding online sales growth while improving a retailer’s ability to market to families.

Dig a little deeper and we find that something magical happens when shoppers are fed new recipes while shopping for groceries online. They get inspired and shop with intent, they add new and different items to their cart, and they return to your site 3X more often! In highly competitive markets, this stickiness is invaluable.

Personalized with machine learning, Grocery Shopii’s proprietary shopping experience can painlessly be added to any grocer’s existing website in a matter of weeks and with minimal support required by the retailer. The white label platform integrates directly with a grocer’s cart and simply helps shoppers complete their order with recipes, then sends them directly to the grocer’s checkout with the necessary ingredients. Shoppers remove any items they already have in their pantry, and then the platform automatically emails or texts the links to the recipes. The end result is meal planning and online grocery shopping in five minutes flat, directly from the retailer’s website.

Grocery Shopii is dedicated to supporting independent grocers with technology that accelerates digital sales. The award-winning recipe tech company is based in Davidson, NC, and is a proud member of both CFIC and NGA.  Grocery Shopii is the industry leader in influencing the path to purchase with fresh recipe content. Our proprietary white-label recipe platform, fueled by machine-learning, augments Freshop’s eCommerce offering with a personalized recommendation engine that boosts online sales and strengthens shopper loyalty.

For more information about adding Grocery Shopii to your online store, contact Katie Hotze at Grocery Shopii is proud to waive all onboarding fees for CFIC members, plus Carolina-based grocers receive an additional 10% discount on the monthly per-store rate. 



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